Medical – Smart solutions for complex devices

Minimize your product losses

Well-protected end products
Safe and durable packaging solutions result in fewer damaged end products.

Maximize your production performance

Fast deliveries, uninterrupted production
Our rapid design and manufacturing process together with high-quality products mean minimal production downtime for you

Food & Beverage – Brand supporting solutions

Boost your sales

Impact purchase decision
Light and functional design results in outstanding in-store display, building the products’ attractiveness.

Strengthen product image
By leaving room to the products itself, in-store brand visibility is maximized.

Increase consumer satisfaction
Easy selection and pick-up of products means smoother and more convenient shopping experience.

Improve your efficiency

Because of their lightness, flexibility and durability, Satatuote’s packaging solutions are noticeably efficient to work with.

The plastic used in pallets and trays is long-lasting, resulting in reduced amount of packaging material and waste management costs. In addition, you get eventually refunded for recycled plastic.

Plastic has a small ecological footprint compared to other packaging materials due to it’s long life-cycle and high recycling value.