Satatuote is committed to reducing the amount of both mixed and energy waste. In the thermoforming process, as much as possible of the bi-flow of raw materials used by the company is recycled. Energy efficiency is being developed with the investment in production process solutions requiring lower electricity consumption. The amount of materials used is minimalized in product design, and the use of recycled materials is suggested whenever technically possible. In procurements we also endeavor to acquire optimal consignments and to achieve solutions where packaging materials can be reused.

We operate in accordance with domestic and international legislation and take account of product safety. We are committed to complying with our customers’ requirements. These principles are practiced in all the company’s activities.

The core processes are customer management and supply chain management. Continuous improvement is our focal principle, which is monitored by key numerical indicators.


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

FSSC 22000